Car Dyno Facilities

what is this?

At our premises in Co.Kildare, we operate a 4wd Dynamometer testing facility. This ‘rolling road’ equipment is used for the development of our tuning software on all cars, vans and 4x4s while measuring the performance of the vehicles in a safe and as close to real life environment as possible.

Here we can test each vehicle individually and offer a custom tuning setup for our customers to ensure each car gets the maximum potential from tuning.

The dyno room is equipped with a 15kw centrifugal cooling fan, along with 7.5kw + 5.5kw extraction fans to ensure the vehicle being tested is kept at safe operating temperatures during testing, with harmful exhaust gases and heat removed from the room as quickly as possible.

This facility has required a lot of investment but ensures that our quality of work remains at the highest possible standards.

For more information about what we do or how we can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.