HGV software tuning is highly sought-after among truck owners because of its significant fuel-saving advantages. Custom tuning can result in truck engines achieving 5-15% better fuel efficiency.

This improvement is usually attained by enhancing low-end torque delivery, allowing for earlier and reduced gear shifts. Consequently, trucks can maintain performance at lower engine RPMs, leading to decreased fuel consumption. Considering the diverse factors influencing fuel economy in trucks, our tuning process typically involves assessing the specific tasks the vehicle performs and customising the tune accordingly to meet the customer’s requirements.

Enhancing the performance and efficiency of truck engines is not only feasible but also advantageous for several reasons. Manufacturers employ cost-effective strategies by mass-producing engines designed to be highly adaptable, allowing for a broad spectrum of power outputs tailored to different models. These engines are distributed worldwide with generic, one-size-fits-all software, offering a blank canvas for customization. This approach enables us to seamlessly tailor the engine setup to meet the unique requirements and preferences of each customer, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.



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