Upgrade your driving experience with our performance tuning services.

Performance tuning is the key to unlocking the hidden power and efficiency within your vehicle. Whether you’re seeking increased horsepower, improved torque, or enhanced fuel efficiency, our expert tuning technicians at VTC Performance have the knowledge and experience to optimise your vehicle’s performance to its fullest potential.

Using advanced tuning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we tailor our tuning solutions to your specific vehicle make and model, ensuring optimal results without compromising reliability or drivability. From engine remapping to exhaust enhancements, our performance tuning services are designed to take your driving experience to the next level.

Experience the thrill of enhanced performance and efficiency with VTC Performance’s performance tuning solutions. Schedule your appointment today and unleash the full potential of your vehicle.

unleash the full potential of your vehicle.

Stage 1 tuning entails recalibrating the vehicles existing Engine Control Unit (ECU) software to enhance power and torque within the stock car’s limitations. The primary objective of a stage 1 remap is to improve driving performance while maintaining the reliability required for everyday road use. No mechanical components are upgraded with stage 1 tuning. Typical power gains range from approximately +30% for turbo diesel engines, +25% for turbo/supercharged petrol engines, and up to +10% for naturally aspirated engines.

Stage 2 tuning involves mild upgrades, typically including intercooler, intake, and exhaust enhancements. These upgrades enable us to extract additional power compared to the stage 1 tune while also enhancing power delivery at low and mid-range RPMs. Reliability remains a priority, although the lifespan of certain wearable components may be reduced, particularly with an overly aggressive driving style.

Stage 3 tuning represents a significant investment in upgrades, such as forged engine parts, turbos, intake systems, exhaust enhancements, clutch upgrades, and gearbox modifications. The only real limitations are budget constraints. This level of tuning is primarily intended for track use, where maximising performance is paramount.



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