Tractor  Remap

The hardest challenge: VTC Tractor is the add-on module developed for agricultural vehicles, specifically studied to support the requirement of increasing torque that comes from the agricultural world, where all components are pushed to their limits.

This application obviously called for specific protective devices against water, mud and dirt in order to preserve the working of the module and connection (provided with specific, original connectors). The reliability is indeed one of the key asset of all VTC products.

VTC increases the engine efficiency to fulfil the user’s needs: the tangible power and torque improvements of the propeller allow to work safer and in a more effective way even in such difficult conditions, even saving fuel while using higher gears.

Thanks to a switch (optional) the driver can choose when to turn the module on, depending on the type of work to carry out, while the tuner can use the calibration console in order to meet the specific needs and the kind of use for which the vehicle is supposed to work.

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