Truck Dyno Facilities

what is this?

We are one of the only tuning companies who operate a dynamometer testing facility for heavy goods vehicles. Our MAHA truck dyno allows us to accurately tune the engine and measure the results in real time. We can simulate real working conditions, such as carrying heavy loads for long periods or on steep inclines etc. while the truck is in a safe and controlled working environment.

It is extremely important to have the correct power and torque output for the type of work the truck is being used for in order to maximise the performance and fuel efficiency. Many ‘tuners’ are offering HGV tuning and quoting power gains which are not backed up by any development data. This typically means that you as the customer do not get the most from your investment, and ultimately this affects your bottom line . Our custom tuning services on trucks have achieved real fuel savings of up to 15% in some cases.

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