Volvo FH 500 12.8 EURO 6

The FH500 euro 6 12.8L engine, producing 500HP and 2500 Nm with an automatic I-Shift dual clutch gearbox can benefit hugely from our custom ECU software calibration. To achieve the maximum efficiency, we must have optimum performance for the job at hand.

As always, truck tuning needs to be tailored to the customers needs. We offer power gains from +30 up to +100 HP and up to +350 Nm depending on what’s required.

Improved torque delivery with the intelligent gearbox enables optimum gear changing and efficiency. Fuel savings of 8-10% are very realistic to expect.

We provide the software files through our dealer network worldwide –

Where SCR systems, Adblue, DPF and EGR are causing errors, we can provide the software to solve these issues, prevent limp mode and poor fuel economy. It’s important to note, it is illegal to delete any emission components from the vehicle in most countries, so check your local laws before deciding to interfere with these systems.

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